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    Graviola Goodness brings our love of the tropics to your joyous indulgence of fresh, wholesome, good-for-you smoothies made how you like them: in YOUR kitchen.

    Our fresh heart-shaped Graviola fruit is hand-picked, gluten-free, with no GMOs, no preservatives, and unsweetened.

    Graviola Goodness - About Us
    Our Commitment To Quality:
    • We absolutely need to know the quality of the ingredients we use in our products and where they come from.
    • It is vital for us to really get to know our farmers and build partnerships to support our suppliers, retailers and customers.
    • Our customers trust us because we consistently work hard to bring you the best Graviola products without ever compromising our standards.

     From Farms To Your Home:

    • Our products are from GMO-free Graviolas cultivated in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, making them more economically viable for our farmers.
    • We ensure that our ingredients are always of the highest, most natural and flavorful quality.
    •  From the Graviola trees in farms to your homes, we pay special attention to every process the products go through to ensure our customers have the best quality brought to their doorstep or local grocery.
    • Our products are manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility in the U.S.A.

    What Makes Our Company Extra Special:

    • We are 100% women-owned and run by a team of people who love healthy living.
    • We give 10% of profits to support education for girls in Africa.
    • We are green, care about our environment and use recycled materials where available.
    • We, as well as our sister company, Herbal Graviola, are some of the only companies in the USA to offer non-GMO Graviola products to a consumer market.

    Through our giving, we have increased the availability of GMO-free Graviola. So go ahead and buy with confidence, knowing that you are contributing to keeping our environment healthy and supporting the communities where Graviolas are grown. 

    Graviola Goodness at SXSW Why You Should Choose Graviola Goodness:
    • We spend a lot of our time, energy and resources just to bring you the best quality Graviola products from local sustainable farms.
    • You can rest assured that all of our products come from non-GMO Graviolas.
    • We care deeply and personally about our customers! We listen to your feedback and work to provide you with the best service possible. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you’re not happy with our products, you will get your money back.


    Our Story:
    Founded in 2016 by Dr. Unoma Okorafor, a native of Nigeria, West Africa, Dr. Okorafor was inspired to start a company focused on Graviola smoothie products after her success with Herbal Papaya, another health-focused company that promotes organic papaya-based products that she started in 2011. She’s always looking for more ways to share the knowledge about the many benefits of certain tropical fruits, and Graviola Goodness was that next move forward.

    Graviola Goodness at Expo East - Baltimore 

    Our Values:

    It is important you know that our company culture places high value on honestyintegrity and respect. As a company founded on biblical principles, we strive always for the highest ethical standards and we will simply not compromise on our quality and our principles.