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    The Relationship between Papaya and Graviola

    The Relationship between Papaya and Graviola

    If a popularity contest between fruits were to be held today, there are perpetual contenders you would expect to be on the list irrespective of which part of the world you live in – think banana, think orange, mango, pineapple, papaya and a few other usual suspects.

    The latter may not pip the banana to the most-consumed-fruit-in-the-world gong, but it quite certainly has grown in popularity recently...

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    5 Different Ingredients for Your Smoothies

    5 Different Ingredients for Your Smoothies

    There’s nothing like a smoothie to start your morning, but sometimes they start to get a little boring. Instead of just putting blueberries or bananas in it, try these different ingredients. They’ll spice up your mornings and give you a boost of nutrients!


    Instead of having your usual cup of tea in the morning, go ahead and throw it right in your smoothie. You can experiment with different types of tea depending on what flavor you prefer, but almost any goes well with it. For a simple combination, put a cup of green tea in with a little bit of honey, lemon juice, and frozen mangoes. Green tea is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, so you’ll be doing your body good.


    Adding an avocado gives your smoothie a creamy consistency. This superfood is loaded with healthy fats to keep you full all day. Just add half to your normal smoothie to get all the benefits. Top it off with coconut water and some fruit, and you have an amazing start to your morning.



    While you normally see this in seaweed salads in Asian restaurants, it’s also a powerful nutrient that can easily be added to your smoothie. It’s full of probiotics and antioxidants, and you can barely taste it once it’s blended in. Try using 1 tbsp of kelp in combination with frozen blueberries, coconut milk, lime juice, honey, and mint for a unique way to start your morning.


    To feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, add some coconut to your smoothie. This can either be in the form of fresh coconut or coconut milk. It has a natural fat in it to help increase your healthy cholesterol and keep you satisfied for awhile. Throw some pineapple in for a delicious smoothie from the tropics!


    Another source rich in probiotics is kefir. It also increases your digestive health and helps you absorb nutrients from food better. If you’re allergic to dairy, coconut kefir is available and works just as well. Add some to your smoothie for an added B-vitamins and calcium boost as well. All you need to add is some fruit and sweetener if you like, and breakfast is ready!

    What do you like to put in your smoothies? Have you tried any of these ingredients in smoothies before? Tell us in the comments below!

    Fall Into Your Health

    Fall Into Your Health

    With summer ending and a new season beginning, it’s the perfect time to start a new health regimen. Often times we end up stuck in a health rut simply because we need to spice up our current routine with new recipes, work outs, etc. I have compiled 5 of my favorite healthy practices in hopes to encourage you to expand your health horizons.

    1. YOGA
    I cannot begin to stress how amazing this practice is, for everyone. Yoga is thousands of years old and can literally be as hard as you want it to be or as easy as you need it to be. There are different classes that focus on strength building, flexibility, meditation, prenatal, etc. You name it, yoga covers it.
    *Yoga Challenge-Find a class in your local area or youtube a yoga routine based on what you need (strength, mindfulness, PMS relief, better sleep) and give it a go! Don’t try just one type, try them all and see what works best for you.

    This one is a no brainer. The combination of lemon and cayenne in warm water will help to detox the body, aid in digestion, and boost metabolism.
    *Lemon Cayenne Water Challenge-EVERY MORNING, before breakfast, mix together a glass of warm (not piping hot) water with a drop of lemon essential oil (or juice of half of a lemon) with a pinch of cayenne and CHUG.

    Getting the proper amount of sleep isn’t always an easy thing to do when life gets hectic but it is a vital practice to your overall health.
    *8 Hour Challenge- Try these tips to ensure you sleep more soundly:
    -Drop or diffuse lavender essential oil in your bedroom to help you relax
    -Turn off your electronics at least an hour before you go to bed
    -Turn on a fan (find a temp that makes you want to snuggle in your blanket)
    -Drink herbal tea
    -Try a bedtime yoga routine


    4. 2/30 RULE
    I personally LOVE this one because I am a part of the Netflix binge generation and this rule holds me accountable. This rule states that for every 2 hours of TV you watch, you must exercise for 30 min.
    * 2/30 Challenge- Go on Pinterest and find an exercise routine for your favorite flick. For instance, I can’t get enough Grey’s Anatomy and they just so happen to have an exercise you can do (WHILE WATCHING). Just type in “Insert your favorite show work out” and get to bingeing!


    5. LAUGH
    This one may seem obvious but too many people go too long without laughing and there are way too many health benefits, plus it’s just plain fun! Did you know that humor/laughter can actually strengthen your immune system, boost energy, diminish pain, and protect you from stress?
    *Laugh Challenge- Try to laugh at least 10 minutes each and every day. Need help finding ways to make you laugh? Youtube funny videos, call up your best friend or sibling and recall past memories, sing in a funny voice, do something silly, etc.

    The Benefits of Pumpkin in Your Diet

    The Benefits of Pumpkin in Your Diet

    It’s pumpkin season, and we couldn’t be happier! From mini pumpkins as decorations to giant carved pumpkins sitting on porches, they’re everywhere you look. While they may be pretty, they’re also very beneficial in your diet.

    Eating pumpkins on a regular basis helps with your eyesight, as they’re loaded with vitamin A. The vitamin also helps maintain teeth, skin, and bones. Pumpkins have a good amount of fiber per serving, which will help with digestion and keep you full. Here’s some easy ways to get this healthy food in your diet!

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    This is arguably one of the most popular drinks of the fall season, but you don’t have to spend $5 at Starbucks to get your own. To make one at home, you’ll just need milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, vanilla extract, brewed coffee, and sweetener if you desire. You’ll save a ton of money and be drinking something much healthier than what the coffee shops make.

    Pumpkin Pie

    This traditional Thanksgiving dessert is usually loaded with fat and sugar when bought from the store, but the concept itself is actually healthy. The crust is normally loaded with butter, but you can cut back significantly by reducing the amount needed in half, if not more. Instead of using sugary pumpkin pie filling, bake your pie with pumpkin puree, which is where all the nutrients lie anyways. With some added spices, you won’t even miss all that sugar!

    Pumpkin Almond Butter

    Instead of buying canned almond butter, you can make your own with a pumpkin flair. Put almonds in the food processor to grind them up, then mix pumpkin puree, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, and salt for you own delicious pumpkin almond butter. Mix it with oatmeal, put it on top of toast, or just eat it plain! You’ll get the healthy fats from both almonds and pumpkin in your diet.

    Pumpkin Oatmeal

    If you’re bored with your regular oatmeal, why not put some pumpkin in it? Mix half a cup of canned pumpkin along with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice in your oatmeal to spice it up. It’s almost like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast! Add a pumpkin spice latte to the side and you’ll be in pumpkin heaven.

    Pumpkin Curry

    If you regularly enjoy ordering curry from Thai or Indian restaurants, you’ll love making your own with pumpkin in it. Buy a small pumpkin, peel and seed it, and cut it into one inch pieces. Sauté onions and garlic in a pan, and then add in curry powder, pepper, and salt. Add the cut up pumpkin pieces and cook everything together for about five minutes. Pour vegetable broth and raisins over everything, and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes. Pair it with a side of rice, and dinner is served!